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To the AlgoLab Community

AlgoLab invites like-minded investment enthusiasts to become part of the AlgoLab community, sharing strategies and techniques, working collectively toward the improvement of the results of all account holders.

One of the unique-in-the-industry features of AlgoLab besides its capacity to generate outsized returns is the user ability to view the progress of other anonymized accounts both out of curiosity and more importantly, to view their account settings. This allows any user to access the settings of top performers so that they may optimize their own returns. Even though AlgoLab has the capability to perform very well in hands-off mode there are some users who have outperformed the AlgoLabHouse account (standard settings) using the techniques noted below.

Funded Account Performance - How are they doing so far?

AlgoLab was designed, refined, tested and re-refined over a 8 year period. It has been live, trading real money since August 2016. As of September 22nd, 2017, 10 real money accounts have been opened. Of the 10, 9 have a positive return and the 1 that is not yet positive was opened in August in the middle of a drawdown. This statistic should provide a high level of confidence in AlgoLab and its potential as a high-performing supplement to anyone’s investment portfolio.

A statistic worthy of note is the rate of return to date for the 10 real money trading accounts:

78% 13 months

68% 5 months

45% 6 months

21% 2 months

17% 6 months

17% 1 month

-11% 1 month

3% 2 months

3% 6 months

3% 1 month

The Rate of Return of these 10 accounts with an aggregate total investment of just over

US $900,500 is 13% ..... in an average of 4 months!

The Rate of Return of 9 accounts (excluding a large special account), with aggregate total of

US $600,500 is 19% .... in an average of 4 months!

The S&P in a similar high performing 4 month period returns up to 5%.

On the Horizon

Ideally, it might be preferred that our investments perform much like GICs with a smooth and predictable rate of growth but what would we tell our colleagues at the coffee station, our friends over a glass of wine and our family over dinner?

AlgoLab is designed to provide outsized return over yearly/multi-year periods. In shorter periods better results become dependent on there being periods of volatility. By trading 19 symbols within 5 diversified market segments it has shown it can profit during a wide range of market volatility. Should the markets be calm there is a tendency to create a series of small losses that over weeks or months compound into those annoying drawdowns. Greg is always working toward developing more efficient strategies to integrate into AlgoLab. Unfortunately, drawdowns are a reality as AlgoLab navigates through sideways markets.

AlgoLab does perform well as a totally automatic investment solution. The AlgoLabHouse account, over a 13 month period has generated a US $43,500 gain on a $50,702 investment for a 78% return. No adjustments were made to the default trade settings during this period.

Those more savvy investors may improve their results by customizing their trade settings. One such account has generated an outsized 68% return on a $50,870 investment in 5 months. This was done primarily by using the PAUSE function during drawdown periods and by not trading a few symbols when those symbols have generated losses during preceding weeks. He has promised to share a few of his Tips and Tricks in future Blog postings and Webinars.

Next Step: A Live Funded Account is Easy

For those of you that have a Demo “paper trading” account we can help you get set up with a funded account when you are ready. Please contact Greg by email or by phone a


The guide to opening an Interactive Brokers account (in Canada or USA) can be accessed by visiting:

If you have friends, family or colleagues that would be interested in opening a DEMO account please pass on the following link: Go to the bottom of the page.

or contact Jay by email

We hope to see you on the funded list soon!

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