Funded Accounts Up Another 5%

October 16, 2017







***Funded Accounts Gain Another 5%***


In the last update we looked at the performance of the funded accounts to Sept. 22nd. Of the 10 funded accounts,  9 posted gains (avg. 13% over avg. period of 4 months!!). Remarkable!


As of today the 10 funded accounts totalling over US $900,500 collectively are up 18% or nearly $160,000. This is a gain of $40,000 or 5% in 3 weeks since the last update!


The only account in the red previously at -11% is now at -6% having popped it’s head into positive territory then retreated back. This account is trading at higher risk and therefore subject to bigger swings.


Summary: Funded account owners have been nicely rewarded to date.


Q: What was behind this recent run-up?

A: AlgoLab performs very well in volatile markets!


Significant events that churned the markets:



August 27 - Hurricane Harvey forced the shut-down of offshore platforms, refineries and pipelines in the Southern USA and Gulf regions. This caused a spike in petroleum led primarily by gasoline and heating oil.













August 28 - North Korea launches a missile over Japan moving the equity markets, precious metals and Fx.












High on the list are Debt Ceiling Increase, Healthcare, Response to North Korea and President Trump’s issues of the day.



We’ve had a dramatic increase in interest in AlgoLab over the past 3 months with a 70% increase in open accounts. There are now 12 funded accounts with 5 more in the process.




Aug - Sept  ALGOLAB ACCOUNTS - Boise and ET
















Sept - Oct  ALGOLAB ACCOUNTS - ClosingTime and Lightfoot














We have come through a productive period of volatility in the markets, once again  demonstrating the profit-generating capability of AlgoLab.


  • Are YOU ready to move out of the stands and onto the playing field?  

Greg by email or by phone 403-651-2748 or,


Jay by email or by phone 403-606-0094


  • The guide to opening an Interactive Brokers account (in Canada or USA)  can be accessed by visiting:


  • Friends or family interested?  Please pass on the following link:   Go to the bottom of the page.

It is very easy!



Thank you and let’s see how the coming weeks develop …...




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